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The application of nanotechnology in medicine is referred as “nanomedicine”, has gained importance and raised high expectations for efficient healthcare especially with recent advances in the development of novel nanomaterials. The novel nanomaterials, whose physicochemical properties differ from their larger counterparts due to their higher surface-to volume ratio, have become excellent candidates for biomedical applications. Their small size and larger surface areas make them readily interact with biomolecules in biological environments. By gaining access to various sites of the body, nanoparticles provide the potential to detect and treat the disease. The aim of ‘nanomedicine’ might be broadly defined the comprehensive monitoring, control, construction, repair, defense and improvement of biological systems, using engineered biomaterials ultimately to achieve medical benefits.

In this context the main interests of Nanomedicine and Biomaterials Lab. are to develop nanostructured   biomaterials possess find-, fight- and follow capabilities (3F functionality ) that make the nanoparticles feasible to be used as imaging probes for lesion location (find),  delivering the therapeutic agents to lesion sites (fight) and also monitoring the development of therapy (follow).

Currently the group is developing new strategies for multifunctional nanomaterials preparation, formulating nanostructured drug delivery systems, designing reinforced multifunctional scaffolds for tissue engineering and preparing multifunctional biocompatible implant coatings.

The tool boxes to tune the features of nanoparticles for biomedical applications

The toolboxes to tune the features of nanoparticles for biomedical applications.



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